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Sportsmans Lunches and Fundraising Events

Pro Sports Memorabilia have serviced many Sportsmans Lunches and Fundraising auction events. Pro Sports Memorabilia the industry leading Fundraising auction company provide the finest Sports Memorabilia and Fundraising auction items for Sportsmans Lunches.

Pro Sports Memorabilia provide the largest range of authentic licensed Sports Memorabilia in country on consignment at wholesale prices. If a piece does meet reserve the Fundraising auction item is retruned at not cost to the Fundraising organisation.

The friendly team at Pro Sports Memorabilia can assist with the selection of an outstanding range of fundraising auction items and memorabilia which will ensure your event is rewarding for you. Pro Sports Memorabilia can assist with the display and coordination of the event, provide guest speakers and bidding sheets for silent auctions.

Pro Sports Memorabilia has serviced hundreds of Fundraising events all over Australia and can provide guidance and support to ensure your event is an outstanding success.

Call the team at Pro Sports Memorabilia today to organise your Fundraising auction,Trivia night or Sportsmans Lunch on (02) 9899 5696 or 0430 220 441.