Tips and Hints for your Fundraising Auction


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Charity Events/Benefits

Pro Sports Memorabilia will provide Sports Memorabilia when a crisis may occur. Charity fundraising swings in to action some times with very short notice. Pro Sports Memorabilia can supply items on consignment instantly.
Efficent custom framing for photos or donated signed jerseys, gloves, cricket bats, football boots etc.
Professional advice can be given to help fundraisers generate maximum revenue with the correct stock selection very important in delivering maximum return on the day.

Sports Lunches

Sports auction lunches are a proven winner in terms of generating revenue for your organization. Authentic sports memorabilia delivers the greatest profit at Sports lunches with maximum return generated in the main Fundraising auction.
Effective planning is needed more than ever, to ensure a profitable return.

Trivia Nights

Trivia Nights are very successful with a range of medium priced items generating a solid return for your organisation. A mixture of silent auction and also main auction items the key for a successful event. The correct stock selection is also very important to ensure you meet the interests of the attendees. Pro Sports Memorabilia are more than willing to assist you to select the correct stock lines to ensure you generate maximum revenue on the day.

Charity Dinners / Balls

Charity Dinners are Major Fundraising events which requires long term planning and venue booking. Charity Dinners are a major Fundraising opportunity with maximum return acheived at these events. Significant attention needs to be paid to main auction items as these will generate maximum revenue on the day.

In relation to a guide for the volume of Product Lines required to generate maximum revenue the following is a guide.

Numbers Mains Silent
U 100 3-5 8
120-150 6-7 12
150-250 9 20
250-350 10 20
350-500 14 40

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